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Let's Talk Business

Penny Power


Penny Power is an author, businesswoman, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker. Her new book Business Is Personal was released in January 2019 and is all about her personal journey through both creating and existing businesses, the trials she faced emotionally, physically and financially and how she dealt with them. It’s bravely honest.


Throughout her book, she talks about how important it is to look after mental wellbeing within the workplace and gives tips on how she personally dealt with her emotions being a business owner. 


Biz sat down with Penny and we spoke about some painful memories as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife. Penny didn't hold back with telling us the finer details to her pain and triumphs, which makes us truly see the value in understanding business is not just business, it is indeed personal and will affect your entire well-being.


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Let's Talk: Business IS personal with Penny Power.

Biz spoke to Penny Power on the release of her new book "Business Is Personal" she talks about some tough experiences in business AND her personal life!

Penny Power