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Bullying at work, workplace bullying advice.

National Bullying Week

Bullying at work advice for employees dealing with Harassment and unfair treatment by managers and colleagues

"When we think of bullies, we tend to remember the ones we knew at school. Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t stop there for everyone. For some, the bullying continues into adult life.

The bullies we knew at school have continued to bully or intimidate the people around them and may have used these techniques to climb the employment ladder to a position of authority. Although there can be a fine line between a tough boss and an abusive one, bullying generally refers to being subjected to repeated emotional or even physical abuse.

The workplace bully deliberately manipulates, belittles, intimidates and tries to control or undermine their victim using any means available to them. In this digital age, the workplace bully’s playground has now extended to cyberbullying with the use of email, mobile phones and social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Bullying at work and anti-social behaviour resulting in stress is a fact of life for too many workers in the UK but your employer has a ‘Duty of Care’ to provide a safe and stress-free place of work for all staff.

If you believe you are being bullied or you know someone who is, we will try to help. If you are being harassed at work by a colleague or manager, suspended, Dismissed or Disciplined or you’ve been treated badly by your employer.  We have information and practical advice to help you stop the bullying and resolve your issues.

Our advisers are CIPD trained and have specialist skills in conflict resolution and can help you find solutions to your current situation, in some cases we are able to work with you and your employers to help put a stop to the bullying" - The National Bullying Helpline

If anything on this podcast resonated with you, don't hesitate to get some real help and advice, CALL 0845 22 55 787 

Biz spoke to Christine Pratt, founder of The National Bullying Helpline, Here is the advice she has for you:

Let's Talk: Bullying in the workplace, here's HOW to put a stop to it.

Biz spoke to Christine Pratt, founder of The National Bullying Helpline. Here is how to go about bullying in the workplace.