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BIZ CONFERENCE 2 0 1 9 | A success, thanks to you! 

Biz Conference

The Biz Conference 2019 was a fantastic day, it wouldn't have been possible without you trusting us to deliver you a day that was fun, educational and interactive. 


The Biz Conference was held at the Elvetham Hotel, we started off the morning with some breakfast, then wandered over to the main library where Eagle Radio's Managing Director, Paul Marcus welcomed us and informed us of what we have to look forward to through the day.

Wendy Addison got us started by telling her story on being a Whistleblower in South Africa, standing up for the values that support her principles Wendy attempted to report malfeasance, committed by the joint CEO's, internally but was met with purposeful obfuscation. Demonstrating courage and a willingness to endure the danger of being exposed, Wendy took a moral stand against bribery and corruption and blew the whistle externally.


We then strolled over to the training and development area and broke out into our chosen workshops which were run by Sally Pritchett, Tom Bird, and Thomas Power, what were the workshops on?


Sally Pritchett's workshop was on "Using your brand to beat off the competition"

Sally is the co-founder of a creative communications agency, Something Big, Sally has been helping businesses solve their problems by improving their communications for over two decades.

At her workshop, she allowed the room to be honest about their own businesses and brands, it gave people in the room a chance to be vulnerable and honest which in turn allowed people to give genuine and helpful feedback on other businesses, a chance for the people in the room to think like your potential customers/clients, it was a powerful discussion yet intimate.


Tom Bird's workshop was on "Effective influencing - How to be more influential in any situation"

Tom spoke about different methods on being more influential, Tom outlined a model that will enable you to influence more effectively in any situation and help ensure you get the outcomes that you want from your interactions. Based on what highly successful salespeople do, the model is transferable to any influencing application – internal to your business or externally facing as in sales.


Thomas Power's workshop was "A broad conversation about social media presence and all the applications"

Thomas discussed the patterns, shapes, and trends of social media and how you could use it to work for you.

Thomas has over 300,000 followers on Twitter and spends his time reading & filtering patterns, Thomas is also the only person on LinkedIn with a testimonial from billionaire Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook and Spotify.

Thomas helped the room understand social media applications, and how they could work for you and your business more effectively.



We then concluded the day back at the library with a fantastic keynote from James Wallman,

James is a futurist and runs a strategy, innovation and futures consultancy and also wrote the best-selling book "Stuffocation" (Penguin 2015)

Wallman has advised companies and has commented on trends happening now and forecast what will happen next for more than a decade.

Wallman has advised companies from Absolut to Zurich Financial, via BASF, BMW, Compare the Market, Design Hotels, Google, Samsung, and Vodafone. He has given talks from Amsterdam to Beijing, Helsinki, and Las Vegas; at venues including the Googleplex, the Collision Conference, and 10 Downing Street.


We want to thank you ALL for attending such a fantastic day with great feedback. We look forward to our next Biz Conference!