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Our best bits

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Biz wants to take this opportunity to truly thank you for your support and engagement since we launched back in May at the Biz Awards, we've had fantastic guests who have contributed to quality content, we've seen rapid growth at our Biz Breakfasts, we've discovered unique businesses in Surrey and Hampshire and we've welcomed new diverse partners to Biz who we are thrilled to have on board. 

We look forward to a New Year, we want to continue to serve you with better content, provide you with the information you need to find like-minded businesses that will enable you to grow and network.

We want to be true to creating a community for local businesses to connect, network, learn, inspire and debate. And of course, we want YOU to be part of it

Enjoy this podcast we've put together, where we showcase our best bits, you can listen to this on your podcast app on iTunes.

See you in 2019!

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Biz Best Bits!

It's been a FANTASTIC journey since we launched, so, why not highlight some of the best bits you enjoyed?