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Let's Talk: The rise of the ‘Influencer’ and their secret lives (ft Jo Middleton)

It’s a growing industry and there’s even a chart of the most influential mummy bloggers, some of whom earn millions each year. The top 50 alone have more than 14 million followers and we look to them before making a purchase however trivial and for advice on everything from relationships to holidays and fitness. We hear from Jo Middleton who is an influencer and Ross Furlong from Influbase,

Taboo and Lemonade: INFLUENCER MARKET-ING (Ft Sara McCorquodale)

Social media is bursting with influencers, we've all seen one, watched one, or maybe, even know one! Join us as we discuss influencer marketing with special guest Sara McCorquodale who is the CEO of CORQ, an independent intelligence platform that combines journalistic insight with data analysis to help you make the best possible decisions in the world of influencer marketing.