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CMPP: Corporate Volunteering opportunities CMPP offer!

Rachel Austen & Emma Thompson pass by to talk about the CMPP Corporate Volunteering opportunities and they answer some questions including what they offer and what are the real benefits to it!

The CMPP Christmas Market!

CMPP Christmas Market on Wednesday 20th November at The Village Hotel in Farnborough. Hear from Anthea Rastall.

CMPP: The Twilight Run!

Laura from CMPP stopped by to tell us about the Twilight Run, and how you can get involved.

Meet the CMPP founder, Tracy Jarvis!

CMPP- Meet CMPP founder and CEO, Tracy Jarvis

Biz caught up with CEO and founder of CMPP Tracy Jarvis who spoke about her mission with CMPP!

Meet CMPP Business to Education Program Lead


CMPP- Jane Sheridan, Business to Education Program Lead

Biz spoke to Jane Sheridan, Business to Education Program Lead on her role at CMPP

Hear from the Aldershot Garrison, Luitenant Paddy Baines! 


CMPP- Aldershot Garrison, Lieutenant Paddy Baines

Meet Aldershot Garrison, lieutenant Paddy Baines on what his role is with CMPP

Meet CMPP partner Mel McCrum from Wheelers Soliciters! 


CMPP- Mel McCrum from Wheeler's Solicitors

Biz spoke to Mel McCrum, CMPP managing partner from Wheeler's Solicitors on his experience with CMPP.

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