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Starting University

Starting University


Your baby isn't such a baby anymore and is flying the nest.  Or perhaps you're the student leaving home for uni. It's a roller-coaster of emotions for the whole family. 

Blogger and YouTuber, Naomi Smart has made a video discussing her top tips about making that leap from Sixth Form to First Year.

How To Calm The Nerves

Alex Mackenzie Smith is the 2016-17 Student Union President at the University of Surrey.

She shares her advice for new students and says how you can put worrying parents minds at ease.

10 Things Not To Forget To Take To University

1. A mattress protector

...because hygiene!

2. A notice board

So you don't lose those important lecture notes or your club pass!

3. Storage boxes

There is never enough wardrobe space.

4. Photos of your friends and family.

You'll miss them really, we promise!

5. A TV license

Streaming on BBC iPlayer still requires a TV License!

6. Tin opener

One of the small things you'll forget but ALWAYS need.

7. Tea towels

These go missing more than socks...

8. Tupperware

Plastic tubs for storing leftovers. Write your name on the lids!

9. A first aid kit

Someone's bound to need a plaster and an Ibuprofen (after a night of studying!)

10. Fancy Dress

Because it is uni, and fancy dress WILL happen, you don't want to be 1 of 5 wearing a bin bag.