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Starting Secondary School


Starting secondary school comes with mixed emotions. Your child is finally at 'big school' and feels really grown up. But with that comes a lot of changes...

PG from the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show, shares his experience of his step-son starting secondary school.


How To Calm The Nerves

Allison Firth, Head of Year Seven, and Karen Bennett, Transitions Manager, at the George Abbott School in Guildford tell us what new students are most worried about.


And say parents can help by encouraging independence better.

Top 5 Changes In Secondary School

1. The New Uniform

It is more than likely that your child's secondary school has more formal uniform than their primary.

Wear shoes in around the house and get them trying on the uniform a couple of times before the first day. Particularly practice how to do the tie - this will come in handy after PE!

2. The School Bag and It's Contents

Secondary school means walking to different lessons and carrying books for each class.
Make sure they have a bag big enough and with suitable straps to carry it around safely without hurting their back.

3. Getting To School

Which ever way your child is getting to school practice the journey with them over the summer. This could mean catching public transport, a school bus or walking a new route.

4. Getting Around School

They will probably have been given a map of the new school - study it together and recognise where departments , toilets and canteen are.

5. Meeting New People

If your child has a friend starting at the same secondary school arrange for them to walk in together on the first day or meet in an obvious place. 

There will be lots of new people and they may not be in the same classes as their friends - but it's a great opportunity to make new ones.