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Starting Primary School


There's nothing quite like your child's first day at school. Breakfast Bev from the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show tells us how she felt, and coped on her daughter's first day at school.





How To Calm The Nerves

The Headteacher from Barnsbury Primary School in Woking tells us why children - and parents worry when starting school. 

She reveals how her school is making the transition easier.

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Start School

1. Play Schools

Encourage your child to experience the school environment with their toys. You can practice sitting on the rug for story time, doing the register, and asking questions. Your child must put their hand up to answer.

2. Try On The Uniform 

Wearing the same style clothes every day is a brand new thing! Get them comfortable and used to how they feel. There will be no surprises or disagreements come term time. 


3. Bathroom Practice

Help them recognise when they need to go to the bathroom - and getting there in time. You could explain and try out other rules too, like putting your hand up to ask a question and recognising when playtime and lunchtime are.


4. Counting and Spelling

Playing spelling and counting games at home is not just great for the brain but will help your child focus at school, because they'll be doing similar 'fun' activities as they do with Mum and Dad at home.


5. Let Them Be Independent 

Help your child develop the skills they need to be independent at school. Such as getting them used to playing with other children - and thinking about other children's feelings.

Other things to practice include dressing themselves (they'll need to do this for PE), looking after possessions, and asking people other than mummy and daddy for help.