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About Affordable Shutters


Affordable Shutters are a family business which have been established since 2005 supplying and fitting shutters and blinds at affordable prices.

We had not previously felt the need to advertise as our excellent service and the way we work means that we have succeeded based upon word of mouth alone, seeing us deliver jobs across the length and breadth of the country.


Affordable Shutters



Originally our work was predominantly in London however shutters are now more affordable and are an ever growing trend and we wanted to grow more local custom - the objective was to let the local people know we exist as well as increase footfall into our showroom in Deepcut.

The Campaign


We had a selection of different ideas presented to us and the rationale behind each made sense for our business so it was good to know we had options. However in the end, the sponsorship of weather offered us synergy with our product as we can change the tagline dependent on the weather to make shutters seasonally appealing for instance in summer we can let the sun in with Affordable Shutters.

The other benefit was that weather is broadcast regularly throughout the day and is highly engaged with editorial so it offered us high frequency and helps us standout.

The Outcome


We’ve seen a significant increase in footfall to the showroom since the beginning of the campaign and our inquiries from local clients has risen from a monthly average of 90 to 130. This increase has meant that our expenditure on advertising with Eagle Radio is covered several times over due to the growth in local business so we feel the investment has seen a fantastic return.

We have already been recommending using Eagle to other businesses and look forward to a long lasting relationship going forward.