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Eagle Radio's News Journalist - Elizabeth Williams

Anthony joined 96.4 Eagle Radio in February 2009 after completing a Journalism degree at Southampton Institute, and working as a press officer in London.

Here's some things you may not have known about Anthony!

Things I love:

My mum’s cauliflower cheese, Buddha my cat, HCH (it’s a secret), Horse riding, Cuba and The SUN (not the newspaper but the big hot thing in the sky)


My parents who have been married for 40 years. John Simpson, Prince Charles, Cheryl Cole  and my very brave chickens Gloria and Estefan, who brave vicious attacks from my dog Inka every day.

Best On Air moments:

The Oxshott train crash; when a cement lorry fell on a train and Hidden Surrey.

Celebrities I love to interview:

Well I’ve interviewed Tony Blair and Jordan.... He was really nice but she was really mean!

Local Places I love:

Well I live in Stoughton – so that’s obviously a really great place! I loved camping at Guilfest 2010 too.


I’ve got plenty, but if I told you them I’d have to kill you.