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It's Wild. It's in a Wood. It's an Adventure!
Coming to Stoke Park, Guildford in May 2014. With over 60 challenges.
Expect to have some serious fun! 

Wild Wood is a Treetop Adventure like no other. Brought to you by Craggy Island (who know a thing or two about adrenaline sports), the course is designed to challenge yourself and have fun high in the trees.

There are three options to chose from

  • The main Wild Wood Adventure course
  • Wild Kids 
  • Wild Wood Challenge

All have been carefully designed to offer thrills and challenges for all abilities and ages.

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Check out the Wild Wood Facebook Page here

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You and your family will be the first on the Wild Wood Aerial Adventure Course on Saturday 17 May at 9am

To ENTER THE COMPETITION, Watch the video below and tell us how long you think Kim takes to complete the Gladiator Challenge...

The competition has now closed

About Wild Wood

The course is split into 2 circuits accessed via the central hub - a 15 metre tower located in Peacock Wood. The first circuit leaves and returns to the first level on the tower at around 6 metres high. The course will involve you crossing wobbly bridges, negotiating zip lines, balancing on beams and more as you explore the trees in preparation for the high course! Once back on the tower, it's time to catch your breath before climbing the stairs to level two which is 10 metres up. Your adventure is made safe by the 'safe roller' continuous belay system and suitable for all ages from 11 to 111 and over 1.4m high.

The high course, which is our longest and highest circuit, will see you experience life in the tree tops. The zip lines get longer and the bridges wobblier, but if you've got this far you'll be ready to tackle it. Explore the furthest reaches of the wood, climb through nets, cross the stepping stones and the burmese bridges and zip between the trees like Tarzan. You will then find yourself with a choice, to either carry on in your comfort zone or to go extreme - climb the Craggy boulders, swing across the monkey bars and the hoops of doom! After this, there is still a long way to go, but the tower will be in sight - and once you've made it you have another choice and another flight of stairs. . .

OK, now you're on top - there are 2 ways down and its a long way - either the 100 metre Zips are fast and daring (there are two side by side so you can race your friends), but there is another way, the truly brave can Walk The Plank! Our instructor will clip your harness into the free fall descender and then it's straight down free fall stylie!

Of course. . .if you choose. . . there is a 3rd way to finish - down the stairs of shame to return to the reception hut for a coffee and cake to steady your nerves.

Wild Kids

Aimed at 6 -12 year olds, they can experience 2 circuits of wobbly bridges, zip wires, tunnels, nets and lots more strung up between the trees with each circuit finishing with a long zip line to the ground. Enough to challenge and excite the young ones without being too high up or too scary. Parents can join in on the fun or be underneath the course offering encouragement, while nursing a freshly brewed coffee from our nearby kiosk.

The adventure is never more than 5 metres from the ground and the kids will be connected to the safety line by the 'safe roller' system that keeps them attached all the way around. Be assured our staff will also be on hand at all times.

Wild Wood Challenge

In addition to all the above, on the back of the tower we have a 12 metre climbing wall, a jacobs ladder, trapeze leap, gladiator climb and the crate stack challenge. Great for schools, groups, parties and corporate team building events you will have your own Wild Wood instructor to make sure you are safe and have the best time. Each booking will be tailored to your needs as there are too many choices to do everything in one visit. Booking is in multiple blocks of 8 people to each instructor for a two hour experience. All Wild Wood Challenge bookings have to be pre-booked and are usually only available during school term weekdays.


Kim has spent the last 3 months helping out at Wild Wood, ready for the grand opening in late May!
Check out Kim's blog here


Terms and Conditions

In addition to Eagle Radio Terms and Conditions:

  • Competition runs from Monday 14th April 2014 to Sunday 27th April 2014 (23.59)

  • Prize 1st prize - you & your family to be the first on the course on Saturday 17 May at 9am (up to 6 people all aged 11 years or older as you will be going on the adult course).

    Ten runners up prizes - entry for 4 people (can be family/adults) on the preview day on Saturday 17 May at Midday (minimum age for children – 6 years)