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Visit the Agency Drivers website

The Mystery Years

Every weekday between 9 and 9:39am, we're giving you the chance to guess the connection between 5 songs in the Mystery 5 at 9!

If you correctly identify the link, you could be in with a chance of WINNING a much coveted Morris Morning Mug! The first person to get in touch with the correct answer will have the chance to appear live on Eagle Radio after the 4th song of the 5. Then, if they are able to guess the final song of the Mystery 5 at 9, they'll WIN a Morris Morning Mug.

Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds, we'll give you some clues to help.

Got the connection? Get yourself / your friends / your colleagues on the radio. Fill in the form below and if you've got it right, we'll give you a mention on Eagle Radio.

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Guess the connection the following ways:

Know the connection? Get a Mention on Air!
Please tell us your name
Let us know where you are!
If you like, we'll mention your workplace / team on air!
Feel free to include a message, too!
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