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Visit the Camberley Glass website to find out more

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Treat your family and home to beautifully softened water. 

The Harvey Water Softener provides your home with softened water 24/7. Less minerals in the water mean you need fewer products to produce wonderful bubbles, giving you gloriously soft hair and smooth skin. Save money while you and your family enjoy a better bath time.  

You can also ensure that your appliances last longer and your heating system is more efficient this winter. Softened water gets rid of scale buildup in the heating elements of household appliances and pipes in your home.  

While softened water looks after your family and appliances, you can save time and enjoy a cleaner home as you will no longer have to clean residue from surfaces, taps, sinks and showers. The introduction of softened water eliminates limescale throughout your home.  

Compact enough to conveniently fit under the kitchen sink and developed locally in Old Woking, Surrey, Harvey Water Softeners is the UK’s Number One twin-cylinder water softener. It has been designed to suit UK plumbing needs, while being tested and adapted to always be at the forefront of innovation.

Treat you, your family and home to the benefits of softened water. 

www.harveywatersofteners.co.uk; 01483 753400

@HarveySofteners on twitter; HarveyWaterSofteners on Facebook

Harvey Water Softener fitted into a kitchen

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Submissions for this competition have now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!

Terms and Conditions

In addition to Eagle Radio's standard Terms and Conditions

Prize winner must be a home owner within the Eagle Radio's Total Survey Coverage area.

This prize is not transferable. The prize has no cash alternative.

This prize includes 1 free packet of block salt.

Block salt must be regularly replenished to ensure soft water in your home, this on average equates to one block of salt per person per month.

A water softener is installed by one of our qualified plumbers. 

For more information on Harvey Water Softeners, please see their website.