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£1,000 minute

£1000 win

        Simon from Aldershot wins £1,000

Eagle Radio's £1,000 Minute

What could YOU do with £1,000?

• 10 year's gym membership?
• Eat for a week at Jamie Oliver's restaurant ?
• Petrol for a year ?
• A holiday to Disney Land Paris ?

Not bad for 60 seconds work.

Every day at 8:15 on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show we give you the chance to win £1,000 for simply answering 10 general knowledge questions correctly in just 60 seconds. We'll give you a few questions in advance before 8.00am. If you want to hear how easy it is to win click here.

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This week we’ve teamed up with B&Q - where you can do it too with B&Q

To celebrate the launch of B&Q's step-by-step films (see right) on Youtube, we've teamed up with B&Q giving you the chance to win £150 vouchers to spend in store at B&Q if you are a contestant on the £1,000 Minute this week! 

Take part in the £1,000 Minute this week to win - so you can do it too, with B&Q.

B&Q logo


1. Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett appear in which board game?



2. In the TV series The Simpsons, who is Homer’s boss?

[Mr Burns]


3. The Aswan Dam is found in which country?



4. Which football team plays at The Stadium of Light?

[Sunderland A.F.C.]


5. How many sides does a heptagon have?



6. Which former member of the Beatles formed the band Wings?

[Paul McCartney]


7. Vanessa-Mae is best known for playing which instrument?



8. What gives plants their distinctive green colour?



9. Griff Rhys Jones is currently starring as which character in the musical Oliver?



10. Gordon Brittas was a character in which BBC TV sitcom?

[The Brittas Empire]

Ever wondered how to hang an internal door?  Or how to make sure your shelves go up level?

B&Q have all the answers you need, whether it's on their step-by-step 'How To' Youtube films, or their You Can Do It workshops (see right) held at B&Q stores around the country, nearest store is Surbiton.

Workshops on offer include:

1) Changing a Tap & Plumbing Faults
Learn about common tap problems and how to rectify them.  Practice replacing existing taps and learn about tools required to carry out the job.  Understand how to rectify basic plumbing faults & complete maintenance in your home.

2) Laminate Flooring
Practice estimating amount of flooring required and underlay.  Practice with the correct tools and methods for laying laminate floorng including going around existing features. 

3) Wall Tiling
Understand how to estimate the amount of tiles needed, practice the correct method for laying wall tiles, the tools required for both laying and grouting of tile.

Visit www.diy.com/youcandoit for more information and how to book.

Both can help you to learn the skills you need to achive those home improvement projects, so you can say 'I did that'. 

You can also win a share of £200 of vouchers to spend in-store at B&Q on the Bank Holiday weekend!  Meet Eagle Radio's Love Crew and play B&Q Wheelie Loads, where you have to guess the value of tools and equipment in the wheelbarrow to win.  The Love Crew will be at the following stores on Saturday 5 May -
* Farnborough (10am - Midday)    
* Guildford (2pm - 4pm)

Not only that, but B&Q have some excellent offers on this week as well, with:

  • Buy One, Get One Free on all 2.5 litre Crown 'Standard', 'Earth Balance' and 'Originals' paint
  • 20% offselected Outdoor Power

Visit www.diy.com now to find out their full range of Bank Holiday offers and more...You can do it too, with B&Q.

For all B&Q’s How To films, visit their YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/bandq



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