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Visit the Clockwork Recruitment website
Visit the Clockwork Recruitment website

The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

See the moment our most recent winner scored gold!

£1,000 Minute

What could YOU do with £1,000?

• 10 year's gym membership?
• Eat for a week at Jamie Oliver's restaurant ?
• Petrol for a year ?
• A holiday to Disney Land Paris ?

Not bad for 60 seconds work.

Every day at 8:15 on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show we give you the chance to win £1,000 for simply answering 10 general knowledge questions correctly in just 60 seconds. We'll give you a few questions in advance before 8.00am. If you want to hear how easy it is to win click here.

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 Merrist Wood College

The £1,000 Minute, With With Merrist Wood college- open event this Saturday.


If you can see your company logo here and are thinking of sponsoring our £1,000 Minute, then contact the sales team.


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