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Visit the 1st Gear website

The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show

Early Morning Shower

movie ticket for Early Morning Shower

Every weekday morning at 6.15, PG & Bev jump in the shower and sing a song - the lyrics are correct, the tune isn't! Can you guess the artist and song title?

Guess the original artist and song title for your chance to win a pair of movie tickets

Call 01483 451 964 and be on the lucky line for your chance to win

All tickets are subject to availability and are available Monday - Thursday ONLY. Tickets are NOT available for a film marked FLS (Free List Suspended).  The FLS code is marked beside the film title on the cinema leaflets and on the website - www.atgtickets.com

See more here.

Mystery Voice

Every weekday at 7:15am / 10:20am / 3:20pm and 5:20pm

and.....9.20am on the weekend!

See the wrong answers and the prizes you could be winning

Listen here to our Mystery Voice

£1,000 Minute

What could YOU do with £1,000?

• 10 year's gym membership?

• Eat for a week at Jamie Oliver's restaurant ?

• Petrol for a year ?

• A holiday to Disney Land Paris ?

Every day at 8:15 on the Peter Gordon Breakfast Show we give you the chance to win one thousand pounds for simply answering 10 general knowledge questions correctly in just 60 seconds. We'll give you a few questions in advance before 8.00am.

Sticker Patrol

PG and Breakfast Bev for Sticker Patrol

Stick an "I Love" sticker in your vehicle, listen between 8-9am weekdays to win FREE petrol!

If you've been spotted by the team, then call 01483 451964 within 96.4 minutes of hearing your vehicle registration on air to win £50 worth of free petrol.

To get your I Love sticker just send a SAE to Eagle Radio Sticker Patrol, Eagle Radio, Guildford College, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1EZ

Just tell us which stickers you would like, or drop in to Eagle Radio Studios to pick your own! You can see the available stickers here.

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