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The Beatles in Surrey and Hampshire

 1. Guildford

In June 1963, the Guildford Odeon was visited by The Beatles to play a concert that included hits such as Please Please Me and I Saw Her Standing There. The night was compered by Vic Sutcliffe and also starred artists such as Jimmy Crawford, The


The night was compered by Vic Sutcliffe and also starred artists such as Jimmy Crawford, The Vampires and The Hayseeds. According to the 


According to the Guildford Dragon, the Odeon staff had to play the National Anthem over the speakers at the end of the performance in order to quieten the audiences' screams and make everyone leave for home!

Beatles Guildford OdeonBeatles Guildford Odeon

2. Weybridge

In 1964, John Lennon bought a home in St George's Hill estate in Weybridge for (get this..) £20,000. He lived there for four years with his then wife Cynthia and eldest son Julian. 

It was in this house Lennon wrote such classics as I Am The Walrus, Ticket To Ride and a lot of Sgt. Peppers itself.

The house boasts 6 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms and 2 acres of land. It was recently sold for a huge £13.5 million!

3. Aldershot

In 1961, the Beatles came to Aldershot, you'd imagine the streets would be full of screaming fans and autograph hunters but instead.. only 18 people showed up.

The band appeared at the Palais Ballroom with Ivor Jay and the Jaywalkers however, the latter two failed to arrive.

The gig hadn't been advertised locally due to a mix up so the band who went on to be the biggest in the world were met with confused looks and a very sparse audience!

Ex- Beatles drummer Pete Best recalled the performance in his book 'The Pete Best Story':

“Halfway through one number, George and Paul put on their overcoats and took to the floor to dance a foxtrot together, while the rest of us struggled along, making enough music for them and the handful of spectators. We clowned our way through the whole of the second half. John and Paul deliberately played wrong chords and notes and added words to the songs that were never in the original lyrics.”


4. Esher

Claremont Road was once home to George Harrison. Kinfauns was bought in 1964 for just £20,000.

It played host to Harrison and Pattie Boyd's wedding reception. The pair painted the outside with phsychadelic patterns and colours.  

In 1968 after a trip to India, the Beatles recorded demos at Kinfauns which went on to be included on the White Album.

The property was demolished in 2003 and replaced with a family home. Patty Boid recently unveiled a commemorative blue plaque on the new property.


5.  Cranleigh

Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr bought the 200-acre Rydinghurst Estate in Cranleigh in 1999 complete with indoor swimming pool, stable block, four cottages, indoor riding school and a walled garden.

A 500ft lake was also built on the grounds of the property in 1998 for privacy reasons. 

if that wasn't enough, it also includes a cinema, helipad, drawing room, hot tub and air-conditioned gym!

Ringo and his wife, Barabara lived in the property for 15 years; they now permanently live in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. 



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